GMC Artwork

Outline Views for Use in Designing Paint Schemes

Byron Songer, our ex-GMCES webmaster, has created views of typical 26-foot and 23-foot GMC motorhomes. He has also developed images of rear bath models of upfitted by Coachmen, the Royale and Birchaven. The images may be downloaded from the link below. The views (front, rear, driver side, and passenger side) are available in two formats: PSD, for Adobe Photoshop or PhotoDeluxe users, and JPG, which can be opened in just about any graphics program. The views aren’t colored except where appropriate (tires, marker and tail lights). Preview images of some of the artwork (reduced from the original size) are displayed below.

After downloading the appropriate file and unzipping it, you’ll notice that the images are contained within a folder. These files may be opened by users of Windows and Macintosh operating systems as well as users of Linux. Click on the appropriate link below to download the files in the format you desire.

Download PSD files. Download JPG files.

A special note -- The files are relatively accurate with respect to proportions. They are provided here for non-commercial use and are the intellectual property of the creator, Byron Songer. Please be respectful of the license and feel free to use of them privately.

GMC 26-foot factory coach

GMC front and rear views

Samples of Paint Schemes

Below are examples of color applied to the front and rear views. The front view is a rendering of the 1978 Palm Beach. The rear view is a rendering of Byron’s 1978 Royale, the Silver Lady, done in silver and black with red paint stripe. The Royale image is based on the colors used by Coachmen in 1978. “New Blue” is a theme based on the rear bath Birchaven (and similar to the pattern employed by Ken Henderson on his coach) with an air scoop added under the front end. The artwork is done in Adobe Illustrator.

GMC Front, Palm BeachGMC Royale, Silver Lady

Original Royale and New Blue paint schemes


If you’re interested in having Byron do a rendering of a coach in your color scheme, check with him by way of email at But before you do, take a look at the gallery of GMC illustrations he's assembled over the years.

GMC Image in Teal