Some GMC motorhome owners have found some articles of interest at WebRodder Online, a completely free web magazine built for and operated by people who still get dirty hands building rods and customs. All tech, all the time with large, clear photos and reader-friendly text. No photo features, limited advertisements, no spam, no pop-ups, no redirects, no tracking cookies, no flashing lights or funny noises, and never any sold lists. Just straight-up, hard-core, intelligent information to help you design and build your special project. No bull!

Two articles of interest are listed below. Note that these articles may be viewed online but aren’t available for printing. The articles will be redone and made available in PDF format, suitable for printing, at some point in the future.

  • "Doc" Frohmader, editor for WebRodder, owns a GMC motorhome. He has written an excellent article on rebuilding the Olds Toronado and Cadillac El Dorado front suspension and Hubs. Mr. Frohmader lives near Fremont, California and has been a customer of Jim Kanomata’s Applied GMC.

  • Ever wanted to install a backup camera and monitor in your GMC? This article steps through the process of installing a camera for towing and eliminating blind spots.

  • As GMC owner knows, there are choices when it comes to sticking with the Q-Jet carburetor of jumping on an EFI bandwagon. And, with the change in fuel formulation going more and more in the direction of ethanol, the attack on carburetion “heats up”. In this online article Frohmader offers a solution: Keeping Carbs Alive - Intake Crossover Plugging.

  • That old distributor will no longer give you performance and efficiency it once did unless you breathe new life into it. With a change in fuel formulation has come the need for retuning. As a result, the distributor needs to be recalibrated. Guidance is here in Distributors and Modern Fuels.

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