The pages in this area are dedicated to providing readers with a look at historical aspects of the GMC MotorHome. The material comes from other sources, as cited, except for the Idiot’s Guide. All articles or documents are being published or repurposed here to allow easy and immediate access to readers of this site. Appreciation is expressed to those granting permission.


Internet Idiot's Guide for
GMC MotorHome Information

Gary Bovee, a GMC owner in California, decided to do something to help new owners or "wannabe" owners get information about the GMC MotorHome. During a period of medical recuperation he decided to assemble the Internet Idiot's Guide for GMC MotorHome Information as a concise, all-in-one reference for finding TZE-specific information on the Internet.

In October of 2012 the document was revised to include links to troubleshooting the Onan generator originally used in the GMC coach. In August 2013 Gary added a section on promoting The Guide. For January 2014 the plan is to expand the booklet, yet again, to include a section on buying or selling a GMC TZE.

Looking Back on GM's Heritage:
No Reservations Needed

From an online magazine, Automotive Traveler, comes a great article written by someone who isn’t a GMCer; well, not yet. It's an admiring, non-owner's view of the bold approach GM took in creating the timeless design of the GMC MotorHome. By the way, click on the Automotive Traveler text to be taken to a fascinating site dedicated to covering all things unique, classic or exotic about motorized vehicles. Click here to read No Reservations Needed, Richard Truesdell's take on the development of the GMC MotorHome.

Automotive Traveler

Articles from Family Motor Coaching

Beginning in 2004 Family Motor Coaching, FMCA’s monthly magazine, published several articles about the GMC MotorHome. The first was actually a set of three articles carried in series. They were authored by GMC motorhome historian, Billl Bryant. The series of three articles were entitled Story of a Classic: the GMC Motorhome. It is a well-organized and nicely-detailed story about this timeless coach by GMC. The article is available as a PDF file. Go to FMCA articles.

The second document captures the story, Still Cruising. it was written to celebrate the fact that it had been 30 years since the last TZE-based unit, a TransMode, rolled off the production line at GM’s plant in Michigan. Westerners Jim and Audree Rowe compiled a story for Family Motor Coaching. The article was published in the issue of October 2008. The article is available as a PDF file. Go to FMCA articles.

In 2010 Family Motor Coaching featured Daniel Prigmore and his “Land Yacht”, a thoroughly renovated 23-foot motorhom. After six years of cruising of yachts of all sized Prigmore decided to look for a land vessel so he could explore the coasts and interior of the United States in more detail. The only motorhome that truly mattered to Daniel Prigmore was the one made by General Motors Corp. Land Yacht, like the other articles, is available as a PDF file. Go to FMCA articles.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest motorhome of all?” Writer Todd Moning give us a clue in hit article Remembering a Classic.The article is available as a PDF file and include images not in the original document published on FMCA’s website. Go to FMCA articles.

FMCA Magazine

Vintage RV Restoration

In 2008 Jim Bounds, well known among GMCers, wrote a document entitled
Vintage RV Restoration for an online magazine that is now defunct, RV Adventure. That magazine was not financially successful and was taken down in 2009. GMC Eastern States received permission to reprint and redistribute that article. Jim operates a facility in Orlando, Florida that specializes in repairing and fully restoring vintage RVs and trailers. His specialty, of course, is the GMC MotorHome. For more information and lots of pictures about this intriguing process, visit Jim’s website, Cooperative Motor Works. To see what Jim is up to go to The Daily Pose once at the website. Read the article by Jim Bounds.


GMC Image in Teal

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