Gary Bovee, a GMC owner in California, decided to do something to help new owners or “wannabe” owners get information about the GMC MotorHome. During a period of medical recuperation he decided to assemble the
Idiot’s Guide as a concise, all-in-one reference for finding GMC information on the Internet.


“There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet about GMC motorhomes built from 1973 through 1978: History, how-to-repair info, suppliers, service and repair facilities, service parts, clubs, vendors, etc. The problem is where to start searching without having to spend hours surfing the Internet. Personally, as a newbie, I spent many hours looking on the Internet for different types of GMC motorhome information and wished there was a concise reference guide to this type of information. Since I could not find one, I decided to create my own —
The latest release is dated June 2014. It currently is up to 26 pages of helpful information. The next version, which will be available by late 2014, will add a chapter dealing with selling/buying a GMC MotorHome.


“This Guide was specifically designed with the idea of saving newbies time in searching for information about the GMC MotorHome that is readily available on the Internet. It is also a handy reference guide for all GMCers who want to quickly find Internet links of GMC MotorHome information.

“A lot of GMCers travel with a computer in their motorhomes. I suggest you keep a copy of this guide so you can take it with you on the road. Chapter 7 in the Guide lists GMC MotorHome suppliers and service/repair facilities. In the event you do not have an Internet connection you will still be able to access business names, addresses, and phone numbers that may be very helpful in case of a breakdown on the road.
“Hopefully, this Guide will help you speed up your Internet searches! Happy travels!”
Gary Bovee
1978 GMC Royale
Red Bluff, CA

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