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A common thing about GMC owners is the fact that we’re all proud of our coaches and are interested in how it effects our lifestyles. This section of the ES’s website exists to help in facilitating the exchange of information about life with and in our classic motorhomes. Members are encouraged to submit information to further enhance the materials available here.


Apps in My Pocket

Byron Songer presented a lifestyle session at the Spring 2012 Convention of GMC Motorhomes International. The session was titled “The Apps in My Pocket” and covered a review of some travel-specific apps available, primarily, for Apple’s popular iPhone. This presentation uses QuickTime so the QuickTime Player is required for a successful viewing experience. To advance from slide to slide just click on the player window once all animation has completed for the individual slide. Note, however, that not all slide feature some type of animation. If you don't have QuickTime installed on your computer you can get it here. If the movie loads in your internet browser's window you may click on the screen or use the scroll wheel on your mouse to advance from one frame to another. Please allow a few seconds for the movie to load before viewing the entire presentation.

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Coach Packing List
acking List

You may find this packing list to be helpful in preparing for a weekend trip and cross-country jaunt to a rally. Major topics include bathroom items, health and beauty, bedding, kitchen items, laundry supplies, miscellaneous, campsite and other, office supplies, tools and supplies, and kitchen supplies. The last page lists perishable food items including canned goods, salad dressings, dairy products, deli lunch meat, drinks, frozen foods, meat, other, produce, and snacks. This document is adapted from a list distributed by Kara Cosier at a motorhome rally.

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GMC Pre-Travel Checklist

This document is based on the original GMC Pre-Travel Checklist. It provided guidance with the things that should be done or checked before traveling in the GMC Motorhome. It is a good idea to keep a copy of this in the coach so that it is always handy for reference purposes.

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Basic Information for the GMC Motorhome Copilot

Here's a brief, three-page document that the GMC copilot in your family may find interesting and helpful. It is divided into three parts. Part one includes 13 pieces of essential information related to the mechanical (automotive) parts of the GMC. Part two includes some tips for the house portion. In particular, it has suggestions for plugging in and using the plumbing. Part three includes some driving tips. These tips are good for the new owner as well as the copilot.

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Webmaster's note: The documents, above, were originally for use in Kara Kosier's "Women, Get Out and Drive that Motorhome" course often given at GMC conventions and rallies. Two, GMCers assisted in the compilation of the information. They are Worth Harmon and Paul Bartz.

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