A common thing about GMC owners is the fact that we’re all proud of our coaches and are glad to share our enthusiasm with interested individuals. For this purpose the domain,, was created. That site is a great starting point for learning about the GMC Motorhome. Here you’ll learn what makes the GMC Motorhome so special.

Provided below are resources fellow owners can use to help in telling others about our coaches.

GMCers Windshield or Table Poster

Fellow GMCers, here’s a document you can take and customize as you see fit. It is based on a poster I created for my own coach from an idea received from the GMC community a few years ago. Download the Word document (.doc format), delete the years that aren’t appropriate for your model (please be patient while Word deletes the inline graphic and rewraps everything), and edit the content as you see fit. A generic sample of a poster is displayed in the image below. (For those of you in Canada I hope you notice I used Prov. as a placeholder…those of you in the US may need to figure out what to insert). Hah!

The graphics can be scaled up or down in size without loosing a descent, printable resolution. As a suggestion, enter a small photo of your own coach and print the poster on photo paper for the best effect. Place the poster in your windshield at campgrounds and car shows or insert it in a display holder (from any office supply retailer) and help tell the story about our classic motorhomes. By the way, the logo is also included.

GMCers Brochure

Byron Songer has developed a brochure that can be used by owners who desired a document that was suitable for distribution to those who are curious about the GMC. The brochure is provided as a template. It is fully editable if users have access to Microsoft Word or some other word processing application that can read word the .doc format. Following are reduced images of the example brochure. Please not that the pane (About My GMC) is where an owner should insert information unique to the owner’s coach. Photos can also be replaced is desired.

The brochure will be most effective is printed on glossy paper stock. It will also be effective if printed on white paper with a brightness rating of 100 or better and a weight of 22 or 24 pounds. Anything less will reduce the quality of the brochure. Of course, it’s designed to be printed in color. Click on the link to download the document to your computer. Download the brochure.

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GMCers Business Card Image
GMCers Business Card Template

If you're a GMC Motorhome owner and want to help promote the coach and the community you're invited to download, modify and print a business card with the logo. Download the template. After clicking on the link a new window will open in your browser and the file (GMCers_BizCard_Template.doc) will be downloaded to your default download location. The file is in Microsoft Word format. It can be opened in other applications that read the .doc formatting.

How is the template laid out? How do I personalize it?
The template was created using an in-line, high-resolution TIFF image (tagged image file format). Other words and lettering are present in the template so that the end user can search and replace some key words. For instance, to insert your own name, search and replace for every instance of Your Name with how your want your name to appear. Be sure to select the option to Replace All in your word processing application. Similarly, you can replace "### Address Street" with your own information. The "Other Text Here" is so users can enter a short description or something more appropriate. If the desire is to not have that line the replace it with an empty space. The template is designed for the Avery 5371 sheet and is compatible with any sheet for five-down and two-across printing. Though the file includes the red image, it will print well on monochrome printers.

If you're the more creative type and would prefer to have the source image used to create the business card template, View the TIF file here.The image will display in a new window on your browser. At that point you can click-and-drag the image to your desktop or preferred location.

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GMC Image in Teal

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