Chapter News from the President.

This is not a regular newsletter and that is unfortunate, I had hoped to have news to fill this one in, but that will not be.

The Mid-Summer Family Rally

We did have a midsummer family rally. This was a line item in last year’s survey that scored very well. It may have, but the response did not. This was very disappointing and those that missed it did miss a very good time. The big miss was the presentation that Bill Michel gave about rewinding the field of his Onan. This was very interesting both because it was very cost effective and required very little for special tooling. It was, however, tedious. It did not matter as the reward was well worth the results. We also talked about locks and rebuilding starters. I have since been informed that one of the attendees did rebuild his starter when he got home.

If you would, please, tell us why you did not choose to attend this rally? There are no wrong answers here, but we can’t fix things until we know what is wrong.

Too far. Wrong date. Other plans. Not interested. Or, something else? Please tell us.

A Fall Meeting

If you have read the notice about the GMCMI Fall convention, you may have seen, but this is confirmation. We will combine the GMCES Fall Rally with the GMCMI convention in Chippewa Falls. Our special meeting will be 5:30 pm CST on 21 September 2014. It will be a pot-Luck dinner (participation optional) to be followed by the annual meeting. The hope of having a “going to” or “departing from” rally ran into some serious snags that simply could not be cleared within the available time. While both of those plans have been desirable in the past, both have also had issues but not so many as I hit this time. I will explain the encountered difficulties if anybody actually is interested. I, for one, would like to forget I even tried.

Elections of Officers

At this upcoming meeting we have the annual election of officers.

I have asked those holding office if they should like to continue. They are: Bill Michel as Vice President - Rallymaster, Rob Mueller as Vice President - Technical Programs, Mary Colie as Treasurer (and currently acting Secretary), Larry Whisler as National FMCA Director, and Dan Gregg as Alternate FMCA Director. I should still like to fill the open positions of Vice President - Policies and Procedures and the position of Secretary.

If you have a candidate in mind, even yourself, I should like to hear of it. Even if an office is currently occupied, there is no reason not to express your interest. The duties of said officers are on the chapter website. By-laws are only available to members.

About the Planned Meeting

The meeting will follow the 5:30 pot - luck. I would like to have the meeting concluded prior to the Ice Cream Social that is scheduled for the same evening. We may have other actions to vote on at the meeting, which brings me to yet another point. I would like to prepare an agenda and circulate it to all the members present at least one day prior to the meeting. If you have an item you would like to see on the agenda, please contact me as soon as practical.

About the Chapter as a Whole

The world is changing all around us (News Flash). If you are also a Facebook follower, you would know that we have a goodly number of young owners coming along. Many of them buy without even knowing about the support that the community can provide. I and some others are beating up Facebook to try to cure that.

I am still working on finding an effective means to have technical sessions with a web-based virtual location possibly as well as a dirt place at the same time. The fact that I have not found the means to do this does not mean that I have not been close. The real problem is the fact that I would like it to be as interactive as a real all-in-one-room meeting. “Webinars” are becoming common place. But I would very much like to have the same interaction that we have seen in our technical sessions. I have not yet located an affordable package that can do that. There are numerous systems to do on-line presentations, and we could amass a library of “canned,” real-time presentations with readily available systems. But that interactivity is something that I have always seen as valuable at the technical sessions.

In recent calls for presentations, the response has not been nearly what it was in the past. This is obvious even at the International level. This I see as the direct result of two separate issue. First is that the reduced chapter membership gives us a smaller pool from which to draw. Second is that so much has been done, one might think that there is little more to do. The latter is false. Materials and processes are changing at an amazing rate. The materials used for a prior project may even no longer be available to the casual user. Things that may have served well in the past may be unavailable or failing. I know that some of what we do is far ahead of what would be considered by many other groups.

Some have expressed the view that, as the Chapter seems to have lost sight of its original purpose and its momentum, it should disband. I personally believe that the Chapter can still fill a valuable role in the preservation of the GMC motorhome. Not the least of these is the Chapter’s own technical library. This may be discussed and I believe that it should be, but the Chapter rules will prevent any action toward disbanding at this time.

Thank you all and looking forward to Chippewa Falls,

Matthew Colie

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