A Brief History

  • David Greenberg is highly respected among GMC motorhome owners. David maintains the GMC Registry. He is the founder of GMC Eastern States. His comments follow.

The GMC Eastern States club was founded after several owners came to the realization that many of the existing GMC clubs had, for a variety of reasons, become more social in nature and less concerned about the future of the GMC Motorhome from a technical perspective. In addition, the observation was made that participation at existing club functions seemed to, more and more, include non-GMC owners in attendance. The result was a regurgitation of the same, old, technical seminars. There seemed to be little investment in finding new or better ways to improve and maintain the classic GMC for future generations.

These concerns persisted over a period of several years. Several individuals recognized the need to find a better way but there seemed to be no movement in a unified direction. Finally, after discussions with several like-minded individuals, it was decided a new, regional club should be formed to provide a venue for the more technically inclined owners and those with engineering expertise.

I approached FMCA for approval to proceed with forming a new club, I wrote the constitution, by-laws and standing rules and set about soliciting charter members. Very quickly 125 owners signed up and a slate of officers was proposed and elected. GMC Eastern States was launched. (I was an officer in the Florida club at the time and was ineligible to take the helm at Eastern States.)

There was an allegation that ES was organized as a reaction to bad vibes between many owners and the board at GMC Motorhomes International. Although this comment is occasionally heard today, that was never the reason for the formation of this club. In fact, Eastern States encourages involvement and membership in GMCMI.

ES was the first regional club to circulate seminars to non-attendees, the first not charging fees for day visitors and the first to establish Wi-Fi capability at conventions. The technical presentations are of the highest quality, address issues of considerable relevance and importance, are well documented and published for all to review.

Although the ES club had a period of low attendance at rallies, new members have brought new vigor into the organization. I am pleased with the current direction ES is going. It is my hope that the club will continue to mature while providing valuable resources to new members and those interested in keeping the GMC Motorhome as a viable RV for the 21st century. The design concepts of the GMC was advanced when introduced in 1973. That concept is still considered contemporary 30 years later and GMC Eastern States is helping keep it relevant.

David L. Greenberg
Port St. Lucie, Florida

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Founding Members

Following is a listing of several of the charter members who were still members five years later. These people helped make GMC Eastern States a vibrant organization in it’s early years. Many of them are still members today and are to be saluted for their contribution to the club and the GMC community. (The number following the name(s) is the membership number.

David & Jan Greenberg (1), Jim & Janie Bounds (7), John & Linda Richardson (9), J.R. & Jeanne Slaten (14), Bill & Sue Brown (19), Sam & Nancy Carson (21), Robert Cook (24), Lawrence & Mary Gaskins (30), John & Jessie Howell (33), Dan & Marie Hudson (34), Donald & Elaine Leslie (39), Billy & Debbie Massey (42), Andrew & LaVerne Miller (45), Gary & David Eldridge Mills (47), Manuel & Deolinda Trovao (59), Richard & Susan Waters (63), Thomas & Geraldine Whitton (65), Ray Bingham (70), David & Kay Marchiando (75), Peter & Judy Marchiando (76), Jeff & Sally Sirum (79), Michael & Lorraine Beaton (82), Jim & Peggy Buchanan (86), Steve & Deb Lester (92), Gary & Kara Kosier (96), John & Rita Nicholls (98), Jim & Sandy Wagner (107), Larry & Lucy Weidner (108), Ken & Elaine Henderson (110), Stephen W Baumes (111), Robert Burkitt (112), Gene & Joan Dotson (115)

Officers in 2002 were as follows: President - C. Patrick Brewer; VP North - Chuck Camroux; VP South - Ed Jones; Secretary - David Wiedenman; Treasurer - John Richardson; FMCA National Director - Susan Bradley; FMCA Alternate Director - Dallas Jensen; Director of Rallies - Ed Smith; Rally Master - Jim Bolick; Director of Technical and Vendor Relations - Bill Bagley; Webmaster & Newsletter Editor - Mike Finnicum

Early officers pictured above (left to right) are Ed Smith, Ed Jones, Pat Brewer,
John Richardson, Bill Bagby, Dallas Jensen, David Wiedenman

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